A few pics from the first night of the PBRoblem

Posted February 08 2013


February 8th.

The first session of the PBRoblem was awesome!

About 30 people packed Exkursion's wall area to cheer on over 20 climbers in action.

This was the "Speed Round" and we were not dissapointed. The problem was set up with 20 numbered moves to be climbed in sequence while the clock was running. The competitors were scored based on how fast they climbed the problem. Taking the lead in points for the night's competition was Tom Robertson with a blistering time of 38.9 seconds (He would later try again and beat his own time with an astounding 22 seconds!). The problem proved to be quite a challenge just to complete, as only 8 of 21 climbers could solve it completely.

PBRs flowed freely as all competitors enjoyed the show.

We look forward to next weeks session; The Enurance Round (with a twist)!