August Events Coming Up

Posted July 31 2012

 Hey all!

Here's a couple events on the horizon that you shoud know about:

August 18th: Kayak Demo Day - Saturday, August 18th. We will have all of our kayaks and canoes available for demo from 12-4 at Keystone State Park. This is an awesome opportunity to test paddle anything we sell and feel confident in making a decision about what boat you may be interested in buying. This is free, so come hang out and enjoy the park and try some kayaks with us!

August 19th & 26th: Wilderness First Aid (WFA) Class: We have classes going all the time but a WFA only happens once a year! Join SOLO Instructor George Aukerman August 19th and 26th as he coaches students in wilderness first aid skills. His years of experience in the backcountry really shine through with invaluable knowledge and wisdom.

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