DMM & Wild Country

Posted June 12 2012

 Exkursion is Pittsburgh's source for DMM and Wild Country climbing gear!

Check out these new pieces we just got in:

DMM Belay Master carabiner $17.95 

This belay specific biner features a removable hinged plastic clip that covers the locking gate. This clip prevents cross-loading of the biner by separating the biner into two sections; one for your harness' belay loop and one for the belay device. The clip will not close if the biners locking gate is not screwed shut, adding another layer of safety. 


DMM Revolver and Revolver Screwgate $29.95 and $36.95

The Revolver is an iconic DMM product and one of the most innovative designs in years. It features a pulley built in to the biner, which dramatically reduces rope drag on long winding pitches and also has great benefits in hauling and rescue applications. 



Wild Country Astro $7.50

The Astro is one of the best of the new breed of extremely light wiregate carabiners. Weighing in at just 1 ounce, this featherweight carabiner is surprisingly easy to clip and handle. The wiregate has a bit of bend to it and the spring tension is just right. Not too pricey either! A great biner to build your rack on. 


DMM Nutbuster $12.95

The Nutbuster nut tool is probably the most ergonomic and effective nut tool we've seen. The big feature of this piece is the soft rubber handle which allows for great grip and a soft surface to push and tap on for those really stubborn pieces. The hook on the end is a generous size and the stainless steel tapers at the hook for easy access in the tightest of cracks. Removing the rubber grip reveals a wrench for tightening loose bolts.