Video: Rock Exotica ORCA locking system

Posted November 28 2011

Every once in a while a new twist on a standard piece of gear comes out that makes total sense. The new Rock Exotica ORCA locking system is one of those pieces. The ORCA locking gate is available on a number of their biners. This video shows the rockD, which we now carry. What the ORCA allows the user to do is set the gate to an un-locked position so that it is ready to be clipped one handed, and like an ordinary auto-locker it will lock when the gate closes.

Check out the video.

This feature is especially useful for your personal anchor system/daisy chain/runner for clipping an anchor when you reach the top of a pitch. No more fumbling around with a screw gate or needing two hands for a three stage auto-locker. You do have to remember to pre-set the ORCA gate to its un-locked setting before starting up the route if you want to reap the benefits. Otherwise it functions just like a three stage auto-locker. 

Made in the USA! Only $21.95